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*What's Laser marking ?

* Murakami weights have laser-marked representations.
( except plate weights and some kinds of weights )
* Any complicated logo marks on weights and deadweights available.

*Specifications of FAYb laser machine
Laser type :
Scanning range :
Marking height :
Marking thickness :
Marking direction :
Fiber Amplified Ytterbium (wavelength : 1.06m)
0.05-1mm(Hatching available)
Straight line(0-360deg.), Circular line

Computer programmed laser marking, we can make any complicated logo marks.
It creates smooth surfaces compared with making stamps and carving. Suitable for marking on precise weights.
No load and non-touch marking on weights.
Marking available on any material such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.
High accuracy marking available.

*Laser marking samples

*Laser marking on Murakami stainless steel made weights

Murakami stainless steel weights are laser-marked for representations such as mass representation, property numbers and class representations. Laser marking creates smooth surfaces compared with making stamps and carving, then mass changing will never happen because of a dust on the dents of laser-marked representation letters.

*Laser marking of a city mark

Laser marking of a city mark on Murakami stainless steel rectangular bar weight ( high accuracy type, super polished surface ). We can make any complicated logo marks based on CAD datas.

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