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Murakami weights have laser marked representations. (Except some kinds of weights)
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Price list(Large rectangular bar weights and Vibro-Absorbing Mount) revised.

- 24th Apr.2014

Price list(Presion weights and some kinds of Newton weights) revised.

- 26th Mar.2009

Bell-jar(small and minimum) added

- 15th Dec.2008

Kilogram prototype 1/2replica added

- 31th Oct.2008

Price list revised

- 01st Feb.2007

Vibro-Absorbing Mount catalog uploaded

- 15th Nov.2006

Catalog download page uploaded

- 30th Oct.2006

Dimensions of slotted weights changed

- 23rd Mar.2006

OIML R111-1:2004 applyed

- 21st Dec.2005

OIML quality demands list added
Dimensions of rectangular bar weights added
Line-up of large weights changed

- 01st Aug.2005

Homepage English version released

- 16th Nov.2004
Since 16th Nov. 2004
( Last Updated 24th Apr. 2014 )

In Dec. 2000, Murakami Koki Co.,Ltd. was certified by ISO9001
in design, manufacture, repair and calibration
of weights and accessories.
( Register No. JQA-QM5857 )

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