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* Osaka Subway Tanimachi-line Miyakojima sta.,
then Osaka city bus #110(for Moriguchi-shako) Akagawa 1-chome stop
* JR line Osaka sta. ,then Osaka city bus #34(for Moriguchi-shako) Akagawa 3-chome stop

Company profile
Company name Murakami Koki Co.,Ltd.
Head office 10-31, 2-Chome Akagawa Asahi-Ku Osaka , JAPAN
Founded 28th Feb, 1906
Establishment 1 st May, 1948
Capital stock 10 million yen
Business field Design, production and sales of precision balances & weights
Employee count 31 (As of 1st Apr, 2013)
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Risona Bank and other 4 banks
Executive President : Noboru Murakami
Directors : Kazuo Murakami

Company history

Our company originated about 120 years ago. In the 1880's, Sasuke Murakami I ,the founder, started working as an engineering trainee at Hakari-za, the governmental institution for balance and weights. After the training period, 28th Feb, 1906 he founded a balance company in Osaka.

Sasuke Murakami II started working for the company at 1925, and during the following 30 years he made great efforts to improve not only our products, but also our training and marketing.

To adjust to the situation just after the World War II, he established Murakami Koki Co.,Ltd. on 1st May, 1948, and he became the first president. Because of his great achievements in the field of measuring instruments, he was awarded several times by the Japanese government.

Kazuo Murakami, the present president, succeeded to his position with his father's resolution, and has been making efforts up to the present day.

In Jun. 1996, Murakami Koki Co.,Ltd. was certified as an accredited calibration laboratory for weights ( register number JCSS 0066 ), and in Feb. 2003, certified as an accredited calibration laboratory for balances.
In Dec. 2000, we were also certified by ISO9001 in design, manufacture, repair and calibration of weights and accessories.

Today we have many foreign customers around the world, not only in Southeast Asian countries, such as Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, but also in European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and also North America, South America, and Australia. Our products are used for school education and experiment at hospitals and laboratories around the world. The demand is increasing year by year.

Since 1906 we have been helping industry develop with our weights and balances. Today we are pleased to offer you our products for your needs.

Recent news

15th〜18th Sep, 2006

Company trip to Hawaii in celebration of the 100th anniversary

Waikiki beach and PACIFIC BEACH HOTEL

Main Products

Electronic table balance
Semi-automatic table balance
Table balance ( normal type, high sensitivity type )
Physical balance
Precision balance
Chain balance
Desiccator balance
Analytical balance
Reference balance and reference weights
Standard weights and precision weights
Calibration for weights and balances ( with JCSS calibration logo mark )

Company photo gallery

Office building in the '40s Our baseball team in the '50s
Our factory in the '40s-'50s Murakami table balance in the '40s

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